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Through the conference, we aim to achieve the following purposes:


Green Future

Demonstrate successful green construction and reclamation technologies and planning techniques: The conference will showcase the latest green construction and reclamation technologies and planning techniques. The use of sustainable materials and construction methods can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and infrastructure. Similarly, the reclamation of land can create new spaces for development without the need to encroach on green areas. The conference will explore the latest technologies and techniques that are being used successfully in Asia and around the world.


 Green Awareness

Raise public awareness about the latest urban development trends: The conference aims to raise public awareness about the latest urban development trends, including the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy in Hong Kong. This strategy is a comprehensive plan for the development of the Northern New Territories and the neighboring areas of Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The plan includes the development of new towns, the improvement of transport links, and the promotion of sustainable development. The conference will provide an opportunity to learn more about this and other urban development strategies.


Green Cooperation

Promote collaboration and innovation: The conference seeks to stimulate discussion and creativity among participants. By bringing together professionals and intellectuals from various specialties and cities, the conference aims to create a platform for collaboration and innovation. Participants will have the opportunity to network, share their research and experiences, and explore new ideas and approaches. The conference aims to encourage interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration to address the complex challenges facing urban areas.

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